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Staple Fibre

Innovative Polypropylene Staple Fibre for the global marketplace

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our staple fibre, which we manufacture for the global marketplace in a vast array of colours and a wide range of titres. Polypropylene is our raw material of choice due to its inherent physical properties and the versatility of its application, and our staple fibres are designed with the customer and end-use in mind.

Specialists in bespoke colouration, we use our unique state-of-the-art colouration system to ensure complete consistency for the most exacting of requirements.

Please contact us with your requirements and to find out more about our polypropylene staple fibres.

Filament Yarn

Filament Yarn – Quality and reliability as standard in all our polypropylene filament yarns

Our high-quality multipurpose fibre, Duron, is a versatile, high performance, multifilament yarn. It is constructed in round or delta cross-sections, intermingled for direct weaving and knitting, or flat for texturising and twisting.
Stain-resistant, durable and fire retardant (if required), our yarns are ideal for air jet and traditional weaving processes as well as all types of knitting applications.

IFG Drake Duron yarns are used in a vast variety of applications including:

  • Mattress coverings
  • Furnishings and upholstery
  • Window blinds
  • Filtration products
  • Webbings and strappings

Our unique colouration system allows us to achieve colour continuity and repeatability to deliver a product that you can rely on for a consistently excellent appearance.

Please contact us with your requirements and to find out more about our polypropylene multifilament yarns.

From our roots in traditional floor coverings, we've diversified. Our range now includes specialist products for a wide range of areas including the car industry, healthcare, domestic, education, construction and sport.

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